Ways to improve your life’s success

Posted on 6th January 2016 in Personal Growth

How to improve your life’s success, by raising your personal energy

….written by Beverly Russell

Do you want to improve your lifes success? Would you like happiness, joy, and love? Raising the vibration of your personal energy to match is all you need to do.
Everything is energy, and it vibrates at different levels. Sadness and anger are very low energy, like the vibrations on a bass drum, but the vibrations of joy and happiness are much like the high sound of a viola. When you allow yourself to keep a low vibration in your soul, you slow or completely stop the joy from flowing in. It is virtually impossible to feel anger and joy at the same time. The Universe is always matching whatever energy you put out, so if you want joy, be joyful.

Everything is an energetic vibration.

• We all create and send out our personal vibration of energy. We do this with and without thinking about it consciously.
• We receive energy vibrations that match what we send out.
• If our thoughts are positive, we can open ourselves up to receive positive energy from the Universe. If they are negative, we receive back an exact vibrational match to what we are sending out.
• When we focus on negative thoughts, we make it difficult for the Universe to give us happiness, but when we focus on positive thoughts, we are open to the flow of positive things in our life.
• When we focus on creating our own bubble of positive energy that is love based, the Universe creates an energy vibration to match and what we send out will come back to us tenfold.

your lifes success

How to begin creating that positive flow.

• Use the rule of “guilty by association” when choosing your friend circle. If you create a joyful circle of friends your energy rises to match them and brings more joy into your life. If you surround yourself with negative people, you will attract negative energy.
• Get rid of the toxic food entering your body. Eliminate non-organic foods to reduce the amount of toxic energy you put in.
• Cleanse your spirit with meditation and yoga to enhance the flow of energy going out and coming in. You will be able to connect with your higher self and therefore be more efficient at manifesting your success.

Always read and reread success quotes!

If you can perceive it, you can build it!

• Every day, take a few minutes to close your eyes and visualize what you want to attract into your life. See your success in your mind’s eye and hold on to that feeling. When your energy matches your dream, it creates the flow to bring your success to you.
• Create a picture of sitting down at your table with friends and family, eating a clean, healthful meal. As you laugh with your circle of friends, your body feels energized with positive foods and positive energy. Imagine how healthy your body, mind, and spirit become.

Using positive affirmations and success qoutes for raising your energy vibration:

• Print these out to place around your house, as reminders, if you want.
• Read them every day, in the morning and at night before bed, to remind you were to focus your energy.


  • I will read success quotes daily
  •  I no longer pay attention to negative thoughts, events, or people.
  • I will keep success quotes in key places to ensure that i read them multiple times daily.
  •  I eat only foods that are free of toxins, and allow only fluids of pure ingredients to flow into my body.
  •  I have a beautiful life, full of positive energy, flooding my life with income to match my needs.
  •  I have positive support surrounding my life.
  •  I can feel the joy all around me, wherever I go, and share my joy with everyone I come into contact with throughout my day.
  •  I see that all of my small successes add to my large ones and that the goal is to achieve success in whatever I do.


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Our world can push negativity into our vision, but it is up to you if you give that kind of energy attention or not. In order to succeed, practice success, and over time you it will become a habit to create the higher vibrations to successfully achieve your happiness!