Can a Vibration Improve Life Success

Posted on 9th December 2015 in law of attraction

Raising your vibrational frequency

 Can a Vibration Improve Life Success

Vibration Basics

Everything in life is made up of energy. This includes the tiniest stones, animals, planets and even the galaxy. If you observe these things under a microscope, you will note that they are in constant motion. This motion is due to the energy of these atoms.

This description does not apply to objects only. It also includes our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts are among the most potent form of energy in the universe. The conscious and unconscious processes of our thoughts are all energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

Think of water, a simple molecule made up of oxygen and hydrogen. The two atoms must vibrate at corresponding frequencies to remain together. Otherwise, we won’t be having this precious molecule. If you add two drops of water, you can be sure that they will attract each other to grow to a bigger drop. What if you add a drop of water to that of the oil? You can be sure that there will be repulsion. Their vibrations are at different energies.

The same case applies to our thoughts. Positive thoughts raise the vibrations of our mind. This occurs when you think of love, kindness, respect, bliss, gratitude among other beautiful thoughts. These positive thoughts will give you the energy you need to succeed. When you allow negative thoughts to fill your mind, you destroy this energy. You vibrations slowly fade. Some of these thoughts include; fear, anxiety, anger, worry, etc. When you are operating at a low frequency (low energy) it will be very difficult to succeed in your life.


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Improving your thoughts

-This is what you need to make it in life. Your thoughts must always be positive. You need to create energy, by raising your vibration level, in your mind to succeed. The following are simple steps that will make you raise your thoughts instantly.Surround yourself with the right people. By right people, I mean positive minded persons. The truth is, you become who you are through the people that surround you. It is important to surround yourself with people with the right attitude towards life. They will help you create positivity in your life.

-Eliminate detoxifying foods. There are foods that have been shown to have a negative impact on our thoughts. Research has proved that processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides, some animal products and several drugs will cause negative thinking. These are dangerous. You should eliminate them from your diet completely.

-Make positive thinking your habit. Nothing is easy in life. It is through constant struggles that we make a routine. If you choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts at all times, you have to make it a habit. Force your mind to remain positive when negative thoughts attack you. If you form this habit, you will raise your vibrations, and this will result in a great success in your life.

Visualizing for Success

-To visualize is to create a mental picture. One way of being successful is by creating a mental picture of success. Visualize success each day. When you go to work, work with a big smile knowing that your day will be successful. These imaginations will raise your vibration level, and this will give you the positive energy needed for success.

-To visualize, you need to have energy. Replenish your body by eating healthy foods. Did you know there are foods that cleanse your body helping you to feel better? You should add them to your diet. They will help your mind be strong, and motivated to work each day.

-Imagine yourself having a good life. Feel blessed each day. Know that you are God’s best idea. This is what makes you know that you are already amazing. With this mentality, your mind will be ready for success.


Affirmations to increase your vibration state

-You need to create statements that will help you remember to remain positive. This will be an assertion that you are ready to raise your vibrations to succeed in your life.

-Use sticky notes in areas that you visit most; your bathroom, bedroom, office among others. They will help you focus on positive thoughts.

-Remember you must force your mind to be positive always.

Examples of affirmation notes include;

  1. I choose to be happy today
  2. I will achieve my goals by being positive
  3. I will take care of my body. I have to be strong and healthy
  4. What ever comes my way, I choose to continue moving until I achieve my goals.

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Positive thoughts attract goodness by raising the vibrations in our minds. It is the greatest secret to success. When you face discouragements, do not let negative thoughts attack your mind. They will kill your dreams. Practice each day to be positive. Create success affirmations everywhere. If you raise your vibrations, I assure you of great success in your life.