Thinking with Your Gut

Posted on 5th February 2016 in Personal Growth
Thinking with Your Gut

 Thinking with Your Gut

Most of our life we are governed by rationality and reason. We analyze situations based on facts that are presented to us. We make a rational and a calculated decision. Yet, at times, we want to make a decision based on an intuition or what we call a gut feeling.

The analytically worked out decision has its own merits. More often than not, it’s based on true and factual inputs from our surroundings. Sometimes going with your gut and thinking intuitively can help you enhance and enrich your life.  People often dismiss intuition in favor of analysis! This tends to makes their view of the world myopic.


Analytical thinking gave us modern civilization and reason but, it is a recent concept. Historically, man has always been making decisions based on his gut. Also, analytical thinking is possible only because of the context provided by the intuitive. Analytical thinking is linear, sharp, considers one thing at a time and lacks perspective. Intuition is unfocused and non-linear. These qualities make intuitive thinking broad in perspective and scope.

Intuition is helpful and comes into its own at times where analytic thinking fails. For example a high pressure situation where there is not enough ‘data’ to make analysis of the situation. Under such situations, intuition or gut feeling gives you the power go taking a decision.

In today’s modern world, we have trained ourselves to be analytical of everything. Intuition gets dismissed as a mushy, touchy-feely concept better left alone. Yet, intuition is used by many successful people to make decisions that are impossible to make analytically. A mixture of intuition and analytical thinking generates a holistic environment within oneself. This results in both physical and spiritual enhancement.


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Left brain vs Right brain

Human brain is a marvelously complicated organ. It’s divided into two hemispheres or halves, left and right. It is a scientific fact that the left part of the brain handles gathering the information. The right part is responsible to process it and make sense of it. Hence, the left brain is inclined to make analytical and calculated decisions.  Whereas the right brain has a more creative and intuitive take.

People who have an analytical personality and think based on ‘data’ presented to them have a dominant left brain.   People who tend to be broader in their approach, creative and intuitive have a dominant right brain.

If you want to achieve your true calling in life, being analytical will not help much. Imagine if you are an aspiring actor who has not been getting good roles. The analytical side of your thought process will take this ‘data’ and deter you from continuing. On the other hand the intuitive thought will propel you to stay on track! Irrespective of what the current scenario may be. Its intuition that keeps you going! Despite setbacks and hence it is pivotal in achieving success.

Benefits of thinking intuitively

Most successful people have been very intuitive. World leaders and some well-known personalities have always trusted their guts when something felt right or wrong. Being intuitive will open you for new possibilities and successes.

Intuition is power. Stop looking outside for answers. Answers to all your questions are within you. Take advantage of this vast ocean of wisdom and let it take over. No matter what the question is the answer is right there in front of you. Don’t contemplate and analyze situations, go with what feels right and you will most definitely be happier.
Intuitive thinking makes you self-confident. After all the decision made intuitively is your own decision, unmarred by external influences. If you have a feeling that sits just right within your mind! And that will give you a degree of confidence that no analysis will give.

Also, if you want to experience a higher state of spiritual awakening, intuition holds the key. Without intuition there is no spirituality, no Divine. Follow your intuition to get in touch with your own higher self.

The purpose of your life is still waiting

Intuition is that inner voice that tells you to go for it. Don’t kill your ideas and curb your enthusiasm just because there is no analytical data to support it. Your life is meant to be great, don’t let analytical and intellectual thinking get in the way of reaching your true potential.

Even if it is difficult, at times, to rationalize your gut feeling, go with it. Over analyzing and over thinking will make you miss the opportunities. Intuition is always right! No matter how insane it might sound to your rational and analytical side. The hints and ‘feelings; that rise within are pure and unbiased. Learn to go with them to achieve your true calling.

Remember that even if you are not very intuitive to begin with, you can develop the power of intuition within yourself. Sensitive people are more intuitive and can reach to their inner feelings with ease. If you find it a tad difficult to go with them, start practicing with small things and continue to build. Learn how you have achieved success when you went with your gut. It will give you confidence in the intuitive and make your transition easier.


In conclusion

The power of intuition is limitless and you can tap into that power for a better and an enlightened life. Follow the voice inside you that is nudging you in a particular direction. Don’t let analytical thinking stop you short of your life goal. Remember, you are born to achieve greatness and greatness you shall have.

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