How Leaders Overcome Adversity

Posted on 11th January 2016 in Personal Growth
How Leaders Overcome Adversity

Successful Leaders’ Top Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

written by Kire Spasovski,

A lot of people face adversity and have challenges every day , and no one’s life is ideal. If you realize some important facts and you follow some good tips for defeating the tough times in your life you will get a big advantage of eliminating the strike. Take advantage of the following ideas that will help you overcome your problems and be much better, stronger and more tough than any other time!

Details:Handling adversity and how it takes its price
There is no doubt that today we are facing negativity everywhere, starting from the TV ending with our gossipy colleagues. It is difficult to always stay controlled, however, it may be monitored and manipulated.

Definition of adversity: When a difficult occasion, some unexpected situation or life change happens, after which we’re left to pick up the pieces of our life and reset to the next phase.
Adversity is a thing every person deals with; it can take a toll on our confidence or the belief in ourselves, careers, relationships, and happiness.

There are many examples of adversity and here are included many unpopular concerns like divorce, losing of our loved ones, illness, physical disability, job loss, etc.Climbing a cliff

Always be focused on the goal(never the hardship)

  • Change your life aspects and always stay focused on positive ways of thinking instead of compulsively thinking about the negative concerns which are involved in your life.
  • Put yourself on a mission and beat the adversity, triumph over it and be a mentor or role model for every person facing some difficulty.
  • Stay focused on the good things it has brought to you: maybe it puts you in a position to be closer to your family for support, a chance to find resources and start thinking outside of the box, build for yourself a greater self-control and resilience, etc.

Write down a list of your achievements(and read it every day)

  • Control adversity by creating lists — every morning, write down every achievement you have made. Then, go through it a few times during the day or before you go to bed at night.
  • Keep an additional list with your goals. What are ways to go through this hardship? Make a list of ideas you can think about for reaching every goal.
  • Make a vision board. Here you can include all positive images of your goal, some inspirational quotes, along with old pictures which develop feelings of happiness inside you.

Everything Passes—Even the Tough Things

  • Never think like the difficulty is etched in stone — it is not, and it will pass.
  • Look ahead to the future—everything you have the potential to achieve, all the good things you want to see, the people you want to meet up with, or perhaps the successful career you desire.
  • Here is one affirmation you can use: “This moment is intended to teach me something important. When the lesson has been learned, the hardship will pass, and greater things are in store. I simply cannot wait to see what great things will happen!” (author unknown)

Follow your instinct

  • Feel the motions of this difficult time, and listen to yourself (forget about everyone else).
  • Exactly what seems right as your day is passing, and what does not feel right?
  • Have you taken some action to better your attitude, or perhaps are you surrounding yourself with people which are pulling you down?

Find something to laugh every day

  • Laugh at least once daily, and you may eliminate a few of the seriousness of your situation— laugh many times every day, and you will heal faster from the emotional pain.
  • Finding some old photos from the time you were young and crazy (and make a good laugh at your hair from 20 years ago!).
  • Read some old journals, and find out patterns of evolution and positive change that happened and will continue to happen.
  • Thank for all you have learned up until now and all you will still learn—including today in this moment.

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When you understand how to laugh about the more difficult moments of life and defeat the pessimism to a pulp with mighty, positive thoughts, you’ll go through the tough times with much less effort and struggle. As you do, your life continues to shine and sparkle on as it always has!