The Self in love

If love is a physical act, then our bodies must be toned and fashioned to execute it for longer than a minute.  Giving and receiving any form of love requires a lifelong dance between self and other in terms of care.  Your lover cannot get the proper devotion deserved if you do not remember that……….Read More


 How to Communicate With Your Boss:

Good Timing

• Learn how to communicate with your boss by finding the right time

happy boss

• Morning, afternoons, Mon, Fri you get the picture

• Simply asking, when are the best times to meet with you if I have questions?

• Build credibility by showing awareness and consideration of their busy schedule………………… and discuss

Smiling mother




Yesterday, Lauren, my daughter, who’s a Mom, had a gang of my grandson’s friends (all between the ages of 5-9) over for an arts and craft party…and believe me, I’m not one to miss out on the fun!  The kids were painting the first letter of their name, playing with Star Wars lasers, etc. so they were well occupied………………… and discuss


3d Computer keyboard with Love button.

Online Dating is it for you!

IN today’s day and age, technology is becoming more useful in the workplace and in our personal lives. Those of us who have struck out on finding the right person in person have turned to the internet. Whether the right person isn’t in your church group – sorry mom – or you’re just not hitting it off anyone in particular at work, there is another solution. While many will wait for the day their soul mate walks into the café and gives them “the look”, others are finding their match ………….read and discuss


What is Love?

Selena Vela

We have all asked ourselves what is love,Love should be the simplest act we can give ourselves to.  Why do we question its complexity?  It takes the matter of a minute to prosper, but we spend a lifetime tending and analyzing the precious minutes of our love lives.  The following are suggestive paths to explore how to grow and honor the love in your life.  You can modify and collaborate within the snippets that…..continue to read