Money Relationships

Posted on 27th January 2016 in law of attraction
Money Relationships

Money Relationships

Is money an issue? In our culture it seems like it is an issue, most people have a poor or even bad relationship with it. A normal relationship with money is a scary, upsetting and painful. Do you have enough? how about friends or relatives do they want or need more?

You and everyone else has a relationship with money. Most of us in our culture do not have a good relationship with it! Not having a healthy relationship with it can make your life hard and unprosperous. When you think about money or when someone talks to you about it, does it bring up any emotion in you? Do you feel anger, frustration, fear, uncertainty or anxiety?We have money paradigms and negative beliefs instilled to us about money when we were young. It negatively affects your money story.

What is money? You might think its paper, its gold maybe silver; money is really a representation of energy. You use that energy in an exchange for a value or something of value. That value might be food it might be clothes or might be a car or a service like a dentist or restaurant. Every exchange we make there is a mutual exchange of energy and value.

It is Our Fault

We as humans, in our infinite wisdom invented money! It was not here before roughly about 4500 years ago. We brought money on the scene to help us share resources, so everyone could have what they needed. It was meant to streamline the barter system, many years ago when the barter system was in play we traded goods and services for each other. Most people were very much self-sufficient, meaning they grew/gathered or raised/hunted their food, made their clothes and so on. People would barter their excess for stuff that they needed. Not a perfect set up, if the people who had what you needed did not want or need what you had to trade you were in a difficult spot.Lies and Distortions

Since then  currency has lost its intended purpose, our culture has given monies massive power, we have made money more important than human life. We slave at jobs that we hate to acquire it; we end close relationships because of it, we enslave other human beings for it and we willingly destroy our planet for it. Our culture or at least our culture of money has hijacked life and stolen our planet for money. There are many lies and distortions around the subject; an example is that most of us do not believe that money is worth more than human life. Just look at our actions as a culture it seems that we value cash more than human life.
The biggest lie that is attached to money is the lie of scarcity; most of us look through a lens that focuses on lack of, lack of time, lack of love, lack of sex we seem to think that there is a lack of so many things. It is part of our cultures paradigm, that being said, it does not need to be your mindset. You can break free from the cultural negativity and take from the abundance that is in our universe.

How to break free

The concept is fairly straight forward, simply put just change your thought paradigm. The thought changing process will be more challenging for some than for others. With some guidance and some practise you will break free from our cultural money beliefs and take back the control that we have given to money and live the life you want and deserve.

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