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Posted on 2nd January 2016 in law of attraction

Manifestation: Create Abundance in Your Life

Beverly Russell

The moment you start thinking that your abundance isn’t coming, you create a dam that stops the flow, so be careful to continue working towards your dream. Yes, manifestation does take some work on your part. I have just recently brought the law of attraction into my life.

I know it works; I manifested all of the gifts that our family had this Christmas. Our family had no money in the bank, nothing to pay bills, or buy things we need. Over the last few months, I saw things that I wanted to give as gifts, such as a foot massager for my daughter who works as a waitress, and a vacuum for my son and his wife, and a new coffee pot for my husband and me.
As December began, a friend of ours said he was moving across the country and could not take his belongings with him. Everything in his apartment was up for grabs. The foot massager, vacuum, and the coffee maker were all still in the original boxes and he was giving them to us, for free! He even had a sofa that needed to be sold, so we offered to sell it for him, it was all under a year old.

We felt so blessed and grateful for the gifts, including the ability to sell his sofa. Then he said he didn’t want any of the money from the sale! We were able to sell it, buy groceries, and pay our bills. All of this was because we had asked the universe though sincere positive emotions, for not only the ability to pay our own bills, but also the opportunity to gift our children with one of the necessities that they had been working on gaining through manifestation.
With every cup of morning java, I thank the universe for hearing me and I remember how powerful the law of attraction is, and how I use it every day to attract the abundance that I desire, into my life.

The law of attraction does need your help, in order to work correctly. You need to feel the emotional connection to what you want to manifest!………………………...want to learn more click me
You need to adjust your thoughts and feelings to attract your abundant wealth.

  • Feel wealthy, and attract more of it to you.
  • Feel that you can pay all of your bills, and you can.
  • Feel that you can afford good organic food to eat, and you will be able to buy it at
  • the store, and feel good about it.
  • Feel the power of manifesting your dreams, one by one, as they come to you.
  • Feel that perfect job then you will find it, and get it when it comes to you.

My goal is to make money doing the thing that I love, which is writing. Through writing, I hope to manifest my own abundant wealth, and continue to write and manifest more abundant wealth into my life.
Things take time to manifest, so leave the universe plenty of time to deliver the manifestation that you have been attracting to yourself.

  • Keep your focus on the abundance you desire.
  • Be patient, manifestation takes time.
  • Be grateful for how and when it comes to you.

Enjoy the power of holding your dreams in your hands and by using the law of attraction you have the ability to manifest abundance into your life.

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