7 tricks to manifest abundance of wealth

Posted on 2nd January 2016 in law of attraction

Abundance and The Law of Attraction

……by Beverly Russell

How to manifest wealth.You have the power to manifest anything you want, into your life, including an abundance of wealth!
Your thoughts and feelings are like a special abundance magnet that draws everything that you are thinking about, into existence. Everything you have and experienced is brought into your life through a powerful tool that connects emotional energy to your thoughts.
For example, when your bills are brought into your emotional focus and you think things like, “I have such large bills, and I can’t afford to pay them,” it seems they continue to grow larger until they consume your thoughts. However, if you think the opposite, such as, “I have bills and I CAN afford to pay them,” and you truly believe it, then you can learn how the power of manifestation can attract so much more into your life.
manifest abundance of wealth
Essentially, abundance can be the things you want or even the things you don’t want, depending on where you are focusing your energy. You will manifest abundance in your life. The key is learning how to manifest an abundance of things you do want. If you keep your thoughts and emotions in a positive place, you can manifest positive things, including abundant wealth.

You can manifest an abundance of anything into your life
• When we focus on a thought, feel it, and dream of what the final result of that dream will look like, we can invite those things into our lives.
• Close your eyes and remember something fantastic that happened to you in the past, remember the feelings, the strong emotions of happiness and how you didn’t want that moment to end. That is how we feel when we want abundance of something.
• Now think about the thing you want most and remember that feeling of abundance.
• Imagine what will change in your life with that extra.
• Hang on to that feeling for as long as you can. By are doing this, you are creating a vibrational match to the thing you want most in your life.
• You must remember that the universe does not work with qualifiers, such as; if, when, might, may, and so on. The universe works with energy attached to your feelings.
• Your emotions are the most powerful at manifesting your desires. If you feel it, you can manifest it!

You can manifest abundance!
Historically, it has been difficult to manifest an abundance of wealth. It was during those times that life was tough and things were scarce, However, that is not true anymore. There is an mass amount of world wealth and enough of it to go around.
• Remember to manifest your abundant wealth daily.
• Always surround yourself with positive people and situations.
• Avoid negativity, such as media hype, gossip, and negative thoughts.
• Always remember to share your new found wealth with others.
• Be grateful for all that comes to you, and feel joy for your loved ones abundance too!
You can have abundant wealth if you use these tips to create your wealth!