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Posted on 2nd January 2016 in law of attraction

Five Things You Can Do Every Day to Live the Law of Attraction and Promote Love

…..Selena V Frey
You may have heard of an C:\Users\superfly2\Downloads\2016-02-25_0750.png, conceived in thought and vibration, which manifests itself into experience, known as the “Law of Attraction”.   We are the human recipients and creators of an energy that is often known as “the universe”. Our energy creates our experience. I did not create this concept, but my thoughts and tactics of such “attraction” are from my own personal experience as a living, breathing member of the universe.  So, I will try to help and discover with you how we can harness this amazing energy to live the law of attraction and enjoy the most vibrant, peaceful and loving lives every day.

1). Breathe Start your day with three power breaths. Breathe in images and feelings of happiness and prosperity.  Exhale them slowly and purposefully out of your body and into your experience.

Think about what you desire to manifest into your life. Breathe it in.  Exhale it while invoking emotions of celebrating that desire, as though you have already received and are living in it.  This is key.  We must exist vibrationally and spiritually as if the desire has already been manifested to maintain hope and trust in its arrival.

Vibrational energy is not a mandate of the form in which the energy will come back to you. An example would be feeling the excitement of a new pet in the house, which may bring you more excitement in other shapes of experience.  However, you should believe that specific desires can be manifested; I just want to remind you that sometimes the desire can be made into experience through vibration in a way that is even greater than the original desire itself.  Encourage hope and patience.  This is also key.

Breath can be used as prayer. I often imagine loved ones smiling and powerful as I exhale my energy, or even say words aloud, sending them deep from my feet through my entire body.  I try to manifest the good feelings I want them to feel in the actual moment and the future.This is a part of how i live the law of attraction!

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2). Listen

Have you ever experienced yourself listening to an angry rap song and getting worked up in the emotions of the person exploding through the words? Sound affects the body. It shapes our emotions in the present moment, which then creates our experience.

  • Create a landscape of sound in your life that promotes your greatest well being.

Do this now.   Actually listen to the present moment.  Don’t make any judgements or criticisms.  Just listen.  Isn’t it strange how an everyday sound can be massively incredible when placed under this lens of focus?

  • Create imagined sounds for yourself. Hear the desires you want to manifest.

Only create imaginative sound if it brings you happiness. Nothing should ever be put on the soul to deceive it or manipulate its emotions.  All of these are suggestions, not mandates.  Never submit yourself to pining, desperation, or emotional torture, but cultivate what brings you the greatest sense of peace and love in all things.  This is your journey

3).   Write

Just the other day, I wrote down that I wanted a job with fixed deadlines rather than a specific time schedule. I wrote it, and quite honestly forgot about it.  I continued my life.  I guess I put the energy out of receiving that desire without knowing it.  A few days later, I got the lovely opportunity to write this article for you, with no specific time punch and a fixed deadline.  There is a piece of positive energy that helped mold this opportunity just from physically writing down and trusting in my desire.

Write a journal entry about the most incredible day you could ever experience. Create it with wild imagination, and write it as if it has already truly happened.  Really go far.  Read the journal entry out loud, as many times a day as you desire.  Feel the incredible feelings of each moment crafted in the text.  Live the experience of the words.

Gratitude in writing is very important for maintaining humility and honor of the good that exits. It can be fun to write things like, “I’m so grateful that this happened today…” or “I thank the universe for my healthy wife.” The thankfulness POV can be written as if the desire has already manifested, which helps to fuel love, celebration, and manifestation of such feelings in the future.

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4). Move

Physical movement can combine the power of breath, beautiful sound, and positive affirmations spoken aloud all in the present moment. Play with this.  Perhaps you can breathe deeper on your morning run and fill your body with encouraging images for the day.  Maybe your breath can fuel prayer for others through movement.

Focus and specificity are always important. Don’t try to do too many things if they become muddled.  Just run and breathe deeper into your desires.  Always keep alert inside of any “exercise” of manifestation.  Take care of the world around you as you take care of yours.  Keep it flowing in a healthy direction.

I once took a class where we had to dance as if we were in our room with the door shut celebrating our deepest desire being manifested in front of everyone. The celebratory dance is one that I believe can give you great momentum in feeling the physical powerful energy in your body and promoting future experiences of those endorphins and achievement.

5). Speak

How to live the law of attraction with your words,yes how you craft diction affects your experience.Negative talk yields negative vibrations which yield future negative experiences.Framing even difficult discussions in a positive shape can help mold future improvement in the experiences of your life and others.If you speak in negative absolutes like, “I’ll always be fat,” you focus on the “fat” and the “always” and thus bring more vibrational feelings of that sentence into your life.

Challenge yourself to be observer of the way in which you speak throughout the day. First observe, and make no judgements.  Discover how you’re diction is creating your emotional and physical experience.

This isn’t to be “untrue” or “fake” in structuring speech. Catharsis, from my standpoint, is also extremely effective and necessary.  Just make sure to take care of yourself and the others in the room when you are sending out vibrations through how you speak about anything.  I cannot tell you how to speak or what is the best pathway for you, I can only promote the idea to you that the words we use shape our reality.  I hope that sparks an excitement in you to examine your words in your life.

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You may have come to this piece of writing to learn more about how to attract greater wealth and happiness in your life through the “Law of Attraction”.  It is important to note that the “Law of Attraction”, or whatever you want to call this spiritual journey of manifesting, isn’t just about getting you rich or making you look better to in front of certain circles of people.  Energy can be a sending out of love and prosperity to beings other than yourself.  I try to speak and breathe the actual word “peace” every day.  This desire for peace has no attachment to any specific religion or institutional affiliation of spirituality.  I just think it is needed right now. I submit to you in this moment an invitation to attract not only your desires, but to promote positive energy for other individuals and the universe.  Breathe, drink water, and be thankful for this moment.  I thank the universe of love for attracting this article into your life.