Law of Attraction

Our Abundant Universe


Why is it that some people just seem to naturally attract nothing but good things to themselves… and make it look so easy, to boot? The power of the law of attraction is pretty darn powerful!

When you dig deeper into what that person is all about, you generally find someone who believes that s/he should receive the bountiful things they are getting. Wouldn’t it be…………… and discuss

law of attraction

Five Things You Can Do Every Day to Live the Law of Attraction and Promote Love

You may have heard of an energy, conceived in thought and vibration, which manifests itself into experience, known as the “Law of Attraction”.   We are the human recipients and creators of an energy that is often known as “the universe”. Our energy creates our experience. I did not create this concept, but my thoughts and tactics of such “attraction” are from my own personal experience as a living, breathing member of the universe.  So, I………….read and discuss

Money RelationshipsNZ_50_B (1)

Is money an issue? In our culture it seems like money is an issue, most people have a poor or even bad relationship with money. A normal relationship with money is a scary, upsetting and painful. Do you have enough? how about friends or relatives do they want or need more?…………………read and discuss