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Anxiety Disorders and How to Deal with them masks-827730_640effectively

Generalized anxiety disorder

This is a problem involving excessive fear around several problems for duration of more than six months. The problem is severe because it involves severe ale tension anxiety for minor issues. This psychological problem leads to physical symptoms……………… and discuss



Coach Yourself

Life coaching, there is a lot of talk about life coaching these days, it’s really not about having to pay tony Robbins $25000 to tell you that you may have made some poor choices in your life. It is about training yourself to make the best of yourself and your life. It is about waking up your inner coach that is in all of us. It’s about engaging in motivating and meaningful conversation with a personal coach or by yourself with your inner…… and discuss

Thinking with Your GutAnalytical

Most of our life we are governed by rationality and reason. We analyze situations based on facts that are presented to us. We make a rational and a calculated decision. Yet, at times, we want to make a decision based on an intuition or what we call a gut feeling…………read and discuss


10 Reasons You Aren’t Rich Yet gold-bullion-163553_640

Wouldn’t it be great to have unlimited wealth? No more living paycheck to paycheck, wondering whether or not your debit card is going to be declined, and no more feelings of guilt because of what you can’t provide for your family. Here’s the thing. You can be rich. Unfortunately, you are the one who is holding yourself back. After looking at the 10 reasons you are not rich yet, you’ll see what you need to do. If your goal is financial prosperity, the following advice is definitely for you!….read and discuss