Do Affirmations Really Work?

Posted on 5th February 2016 in affirmations
Do Affirmations Really Work?

Do Affirmations Really Work?

There are hundreds and thousands of thoughts hovering in our mind, every second. By being negative and judgmental! Will at one time or the other, fry-up your brain. Practicing self-affirmation will empower not only your mind, but your body and soul too.Whether you choose to develop your affirmations or get inspired by others, you will be enhancing your thought process. This entire cycle will put your personal and professional life on the map!
Affirmation is the act of affirming something. It is a simple feat of declaring a statement or action to be true, with confidence and clarity.

How do affirmations work?

Many individuals have altered their lives for good. How? Through the practice of using positive self-affirmations. The question is – Do affirmations really work?Not everyone can make affirmations work for them. However, affirmation is capable of programming our mind to believe concepts and state


Our brain is made of endless elements. It is incapable of deciphering between the real and imaginary. When you read a story or watch a series of visuals in the form of movies, shows, etc.  You tend to go with the flow of emotions depicted through the content.
When people are commenting or drawing judgment about you. This can be termed as affirmations (negative or positive). All these get stored in our subconscious and conscious mind, and enhanced in each phase of our life.Practicing positive affirmations will help feed our minds with positive and empowered thought process. Thereby, leading us to take actions that will benefit our lives.
The biggest truth of life is that no one is perfect. The moment we realize this, we can not only get past the negativities. We can also build passionate, fruitful and healthy relationships with different important people in our lives.Affirmations help us act in a positive manner. With continual affirmations of wishful words. We can increase a sense of reassurance in our lives. Transforming these thoughts into reality.

Work the magic of affirmations in your love life

Keep assuring yourself –

  • Love is within you. Love is in everything that you see, smell and feel.
  • Whatever you need is within you. Whoever you want in your life is with you.
  • Your partner is perfect. With him/her in your life, you will never be alone.
  • Have gratitude towards life and your loved ones.

Infuse these steps of affirmations to boost career or professional life –

  • You are your own boss. You’re the leader in your field. You can lead yourself towards your goal.
  • Work in coordination with your colleagues, boss and peers. If they happen to stomp your ideas or take credit for the same, stand up for your work, talent and efforts.
  • Be gracious in whatever you do.
  • Innovate, learn, create and do not stop taking risks.
  • Every day is a learning moment. Never stop growing your abilities.
  • Do what you love to do
  • Don’t stick with a job, if you are not passionate about it.
  • Remember, your boss is just another human being. Like you, s/he is not perfect.

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Practice the following –

    • You’re alive today because of a purpose. You can breathe, feel and see because there is a reason to live.
    • Your body is your home. Keep it clutter-free, neat and positive. You are going to live in your body for long.
    • You are stronger than you think you are. Feel the strength from within.
    • Feed your body with not only love and positivity, but with healthy food. This is because; your body is your temple. Worship it and it will push you to achieve the best in life.
    • being sad, anxious, negative is just a state of mind. The power to transform these thoughts into happy and resilient ones. Then solely rests on the power of your mindset.

Build a character, achieve success!

Affirmations are powerful. They are also easy to use. From successful entrepreneurs, to athletes and renowned personalities. They practice and use the power of affirmations. To help accomplish goals, achieve success and get positive results from their daily lives.
Practicing affirmations is exercising your mind to believe in your abilities, strength and in yourself, as well as, trusting others.

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