Communication With Your Boss

Posted on 21st November 2015 in Relationships
 Communication With Your Boss

Improve Your Communication with Your Boss

Good Timing

• Learn how to communicate with your boss by finding the right time

• Morning, afternoons, Mon, Fri you get the picture

• Simply asking, when are the best times to meet with you if I have questions?

• Build credibility by  being considerate of there time.

• Copy a style that works as far as when and how the boss likes to receive information

• Requesting the primary duties you should be focusing on

• Be clear on what they need from you

• Ask their advice from time to time (nothing trivial Show them you value their opinion

An added benefit is that when you meet with them, you’re likely to have a more focused, less distracted listener

2. Get to know your boss personally.

You don’t need to be friends with your boss or,The boss is a person so communicate with them at that level .You don’t need to try to be his best buddy or invite him over but it does not hurt to ask about his weekend or about his interests or hobbies or to ask how the kids are.

3. Offer to help Asking your boss if they need help on any projects.

There are bosses that have way too much to do, they will not ask for help so

• Offer to help with things beyond your job description

• Let them know you are there when they need a hand.

• Showing your boss you are capable of taking on more and bigger projects

• Take on more responsibilities (organization or leadership)

• Actions speak louder than word

Make sure you do not just talk this can be a good way to position yourself for bigger and better opportunities.

4. Keep your supervisor informed.

•keep bosses informed if you have issues.It is not good if they hear about your challenges from other sources.

• always communicate,good or bad news

• Develop open communication lines with supervisors

• asking for help and advice is a good communication strategy.

5.Promise less Give more

• Always try to exceed expectations

• be realistic when estimating the job timeline for completion.

•   completing jobs earlier than expected will make the boss smile.

• Do not forget time is money, so watch how you spend your boss’s money

6. Show your boss respect

· Even if you don’t like your boss, respect them

• Chances are they’ve earned their position for a reason

• Whether you like it or not, they are your supervisor.

• Disrespect is not a good thing you get what you give here.

• Do not get involved in the office soap opera.

• No shots or digs, show respect

•  correcting them in front of others is also taboo.

All said and done you want to build trust within the relationship between you and your supervisor, Employees need their supervisors to be a mentor, go-to person, and advocate all in it’s very important to instill trust so that this can happen.