Coach Yourself For Change

Posted on 30th January 2016 in Personal Growth
Coach Yourself For Change

Coach Yourself

Life coaching, there is a lot of talk about life coaching these days, it’s really not about having to pay tony Robbins $25000 to tell you that you may have made some poor choices in your life. It is about training yourself to make the best of yourself and your life. It is about waking up your inner coach that is in all of us. It’s about engaging in motivating and meaningful conversation with a personal coach or by yourself with your inner giant.


What are the topics you talk to yourself or your coach about, possibly why you act as you do or what inner beliefs you have that stop you from acting the way you should. Topics like what are your options in any given situation and how to go about getting the results that are right for you. This conversation will be positive and motivating and should make you feel invigorated and inspired. This discussion will help you discover how to live your life to the fullest and tap into your full potential.

What is life coaching, it might be easier to describe what it is not, and it is not like getting therapy or going to a councillor. Getting therapy or counselling is a sign that things are out of balance in your life and you are in need of some repair. Coaching is viewed from the standpoint that you are essentially healthy strong and stable. Life coaching falls into a different class than mentoring, usually a mentor is someone who is in front of you on the road of life and can offer wisdom, due to their experience. Coaching does not mean giving advice; a coach will discuss and point out possible options.

Life coaching is about you in your voice working out your unique gifts and understanding your priorities. Coaching is about unblocking the way for you to do, to have and to be what you want. Most people want happiness and success a coach will help you see what your definition of that is and help you to bring the pieces together harmoniously.

The results of coaching can vary a lot, it depends upon your readiness and willingness to make changes and you may think that you want or even need to change but deep down you are not ready. Here are three things that can help you prepare for change.

1.) Is Denial affecting you? One way you can recognize denial is if you get defensive when people point things out like,
· You talk too much
· Or you eat too much
· You work too much.
· You drink too much
2.)Look at change,
· think about the idea of change
· Your options
· Possible choices
· Way the want to change against the things stopping you from change.
3) Think about a plan of action
· think about how you will change
· Who will support
· What tools do you need?

When you have these things dialed in then is the time to take action. You should make sure your ready this will increase your chances of success. You will find that you will be stronger and far more determined with every step you make towards your goals. Remember change can only last if you know how to keep it going over time. If you do hit bumps in the road it will help you to focus and solidify long-term change. “People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan”. John L. Beckley